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HTML E-mails & Newsletters:

What you need to know - Everything you've learned so far about web standards, CSS and HTML best practices just flew out the window. Building web pages that perform well in various browsers is a piece of cake compared to building HTML e-mails... MORE

Custom Web Fonts

Designers, especially print designers, often ask: "Why can't we use custom fonts on our web site?" Answer: Unless your end users have the font installed on their system (many don't), they can't see it... MORE

Persistent Page Indicator on Menus

For purposes of this tutorial, I will not discuss how to style a CSS menu. You'll find plenty of web tutorials that thoroughly cover that topic. Rather, I will show you how to add persistent menu highlighting or "You are Here" styles to your site wide menus with pure CSS code. No scripts required... MORE

Remove Unused Site Files

Dreamweaver "Check Links"; Orphan File Checkers; Check Files for Unused CSS Selectors; Minify CSS... MORE