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Welcome to my new Tutorials site

Over the years, I have written quite a few articles and code demos — many of which are showing signs of age.  I decided to re-build my web site responsively (hurray) and at the same time re-examine older content to see what is and isn't worth saving.   It takes a lot of time so this is a work in progress. In the coming weeks & months, I will be removing certain articles & code demos that I feel have outlived their purpose.  Say goodbye to the NetObjects Fusion™ tutorials.  I have not used that software in ages. And I seriously doubt my older methods would be of any value to current users of NOF software.  Where possible, I will update my demos to reflect modern coding methods including Bootstrap, CSS3, CSS Flexbox, jQuery and SVG images.  Thanks for your patience while I endeavor to complete this project.

Nancy O'Shea
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