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Tips & Tutorials for NetObjects Fusion Users

Chalk Board is a work-in-progress.  If you have web design topics you would like to see included here, let us know. Better still, if you have written tutorials of your own, send us the URL so we can post a link to them. Contact us



NEW - Cushy CMS for NetObjects Fusion users. - This is a demonstration of Cushy's Content Management Sytesm...

NEW Tooltips on Image Maps Tutorial - This shows how to make an image map and configure it to work with the wz_tooltips.js by Walter Zorn.

NEW Formmailer-Tutorial - This tutorial picks up where Michael Evangelista's fine tutorial left off. Here I will show how to build a basic contact form in NOF that will work with the New Version 4.5 Formmailer script with Spam Control by Dan Ball at DB Masters .

Custom CSS Links - when you need a second set of links styled differently...

CSS Styled Background Images - To tile or not to tile; scrolling or fixed. Background images can appear in several different ways depending on your site style's CSS settings.

Image Borders on Mouse Over - Look Ma, no JavaScripts! A CSS styled pseudo class is all it takes to put highlighted borders around all your linked images.

Close Window Buttons

Print Page Buttons

Iframes - Inline frames are not the same as autoframes or framesets...

Scrollable Divisions - When you need to display a lot of static content in a tiny space.

CSS Flyout Menus - As an exercise, we wanted to see if a CSS flyout menu could work in a NetObjects Fusion page...

Vertical & Horizontal Centering - This gets asked a lot in the NOF newsgroups. "How do I center my page horizontally and vertically?"

Centered Pages on a Two-toned Background Image - This page and its background image are aligned to center in all browsers with displays over 800 pixels wide. The background image uses a contrast color in the left navigation area that extends the full length of the page...

Liquid or Fluid Layouts that adjust to User's Screen Size - This page is about 500 pixels wide but it expands to fit almost any size window. To see it in action, maximize your browser window... 

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Working with Images and Text - Building web pages isn't the same as working in MS Word or outputting to print. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error...

Working with Layout Regions - A Layout Region with three image slices is all it takes to make a menu box with round corners.

Creating Printer Friendly Web Pages - This simple method shows how to copy your web page onto a white background in a Zero Margins Page Layout.

FREE Tools: More >

Domain Name Lookup - Search for available domain names (.com, .org, .net) for your new site.

Page Rank Checker - Check page rank of any web page with this free tool.

FREE LINK EXCHANGE - Add URLink to our reciprocal links page for free.

Fast Contact Forms - This form was created and published in under 5 minutes using the free beta Fast Contact Form creation tool...

FavIcons - Tool and tutorial for creating little icons that appear in the address bar preceding a sites URL and in the Favorite's folder when bookmarked...

FREE Background Images & Viewer - Textured background tiles for use in your web pages. Click on images to see them repeated vertically and horizontally on screen.

Web Accessibility Tools - For web designers wishing to comply with WAI/508 & WCAG, web standards.

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Other Resources:

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Disclaimer: Alt-Web is not affiliated with Web Site Pros or Net Objects Fusion. The articles contained on this web site are intended to get you "thinking" about different techniques you can use to build your own web pages. And while every effort is made to test and proof read articles beforehand, we regret we cannot guarantee the accuracy nor be held responsible for possible errors, omissions or typos. If you use these tutorials, please do so on test pages. Then do a Local Publish and preview in the popular browsers before uploading to your server. Thank you.

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